Tracklete Rowing

Rower's bodystats are collected centrally. Morning heart rates, weights and amount of sleep are all stored. Training schedules, coaching schedules and training logs are also maintained within Tracklete. On a rowing society level, we can export progress reports, keep track of the boat fleet, and stay connected with the ergs.

Tracklete provides easy overviews for rowers, coaches and boardmembers to monitor their progress. Moreover, Tracklete professionalizes the way crews work towards their goals by replacing cumbersome spreadsheets with an accessible and responsive webapp.


Training schedules

Training schedules

An easy interface to create training schedules which crew members see in their dashboard. Rowers and coaches can enter their attendance for each training.

Syncs with your calendar

Syncs with your calendar

Events from your training schedule are synced with your calendar. Never miss a training again.

Crew's bodystats

Track your crew's bodystats

Rowers receive a push notification in the morning reminding them to enter their bodystats. They submit their weight, morning heart rate and amount of hours of sleep. Coaches can monitor their crew in one clear overview.

Crew's performance

Track your crew's performance

Results of these hard erg workouts are collected within Tracklete Rowing. Track your crew's performance en see their progress in one simple overview.

Training logs

Responsive webapp

Tracklete Rowing can be viewed on any device. Track the progress of your crew on a desktop, tablet or phone.

Training logs

Schedule week overview

A week overview of your schedule is shown on your dashboard. You can submit your attendance for each training in this overview.

Coaching schedules

Coaching schedules

Profcoaches and coaches can be planned for schedules independent from crews. Crews get a notification when a profcoach or coach is attending a crew's event.

Boat fleet

Boat fleet and riggings

Maintain your boat fleet administration and store crew's riggings.

Live Preview

We've set up a demo society in Tracklete Rowing which you can use to take a live preview of the webapp. This demo society is filled with fake-data, so feel free to mess around.

Live preview


Tracklete Rowing is available for rowing clubs for €2,- per user per month. Student rowing clubs get a 50% discount, which makes €1,- per user per month.

Please feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Tracklete Team

Tracklete Rowing is developed in Eindhoven and was created because there was no overview of crews and their progress. The first version of Tracklete Rowing which collected all data of all crews centrally was released in 2013.