Syncing your apple watch with Tracklete requires one additional step compared to other watches. This is because Apple Workouts don’t sync to Strava.

There are two ways to sync your Apple Watch with Strava (which then synchronises with Tracklete):

1) Use the Strava app

Instead of using the built-in workouts app, you can also use the Strava app on your Apple Watch. In a nutshell:

  1. Install the Strava app on your phone and Apple Watch.
  2. Use the Strava app on your watch to track your activities.
  3. Once your watch connects to your phone the data should be synced automatically with Strava.

For a more detailed guide, look here

2) Use a 3rd party app for syncing

If you don’t want to use the Strava app for activity tracking, you can install a 3rd party app which syncs your workouts to Strava. A popular choice is HealthFit, which you can find for a few bucks in the App Store

And next?

Once you’re done, link your Strava and Tracklete account.

  1. In Tracklete, go to your profile
  2. Navigate to the integrations section
  3. Authorize Strava.

    Check out the full guide here