In this post we’ll briefly describe how you can time your rowing sessions directly in Tracklete.

Tracklete features an integrated stop watch for rowing sessions. To be able to use it, create a session with sport type “rowing” and make sure the description is based on a distance, e.g.

Here we have scheduled a 10k session and added four boats.

Before taking scores, make sure the rowers are assigned the correct seats in the boats. After you’ve saved your boat setups, edit a boat score to access the timer (see video below). In the timer popup you can take the time of multiple boats of the selected piece.
Click the start button to start the timer for all boats and hit the stopwatch button to stop the timer for a boat. Save you scores and you’re done!

Easy, right? Only one word of caution: You can lock your phone / tablet while taking the time but don’t leave the page, otherwise the timer will reset.